A superhuman

Humans can only accomplish so much. But through AI, we can scale intelligence infinitely.


The entire world
within reach.

We believe every company should be able to seize great business opportunities – wherever they may be. It shouldn’t matter if it’s on the other side of the world or in your home market. With our technology, the entire world is within reach.


Building the intelligence to find and understand every company in the world.

There’s an infinite ocean of unstructured data on the web. Making it virtually impossible for anyone to make sense of it. Meanwhile, AI's potential has grown exponentially. We are harnessing this by creating the intelligence to understand every company in the world, at a human level – but at a superhuman scale.


Richard Karlsson


Richard spent years at McKinsey pitching companies how AI technology could help them grow. Many companies had a hard time finding new growth opportunities at scale, and AI could solve this problem. However, data limitations always made internal solutions unfeasible. An external product was needed.

+46 76 800 45 25

Simon Hällqvist


Simon used to develop AI solutions at Ericsson before he found out how low adoption of the technology was in the finance industry. Seeing the impact first-hand at Ericsson it was clear that something needed to change. So many skilled people spending time on manual repetitive tasks was just value being destroyed.

+46 73 960 98 43

Johan Cederqvist

CCO, Chairman
& Co-founder

Johan was a project manager at McKinsey’s startup practice where he focused on structuring and reviewing growth strategies. He’s gained deep insight into how the best companies relentlessly work to solve their clients’ problems. This is directly applied at Grasp - ensuring that we always deliver impact to our clients.

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